VTAC sheath and handle color

Oct 29, 2004
I'll probably get pummeled for this suggestion by the SWAT/cop owners and pure collectors, but what is the chance of getting the VTAC sheaths and handles made in the "coyote brown" color? Black is neat, and looks great, except in most field environments, especially the desert. The medium brown, or "coyote brown" as people call it now, is the best color to blend well both in woodland and desert terrain. Actually the best color would be the multicam camo pattern from Crye Precision (http://www.cryeprecision.com), but molding the handle in a camo color probably isn't possible.
Actually Jeb, the ability to change the handle colors is more feasible now with the new material. We just need to get caught up on military & retail customers before we start offering variants.

And your request for the brown sheath is one we've heard before and we are also working on choices in that also.

Defintely keep checking back here for new offerings and product updates. And feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Suzanne Settle
Customer Service
American Tomahawk Company
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rooikat said:
You know, tiger stripe would be cool.
I "tiger-stripped" the (wood) handle of my ATC Roger's Ranger Spike 'Hawk, using a propane torch...It turned out pretty darn good! (I'll post a picture in a couple days.).