wahts up with knifefrums?

i go ther sometime and nothing is ther now. like all was erased or somthin.


They've been down for about three days now. Looks like they've had to reload all of the software. I sure hope they had a backup of the forums. That's a lotta knife info down the drain if not...

They've had intermittent glitches for over a week now.

I wonder if Earl's regretting dumping Spark right about now
. My only regret is that Mad Dog and others who had nothing to do with the "breakup" are now getting hurt. It's key people like Kevin, Hilton Yam and a few others who keep me over there at all.

Jim March
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I just got back, and found out about this while looking over my email. In any event, no matter what the cause, it's unfortunate that this thing occurred, and I hope that the messages are recoverable, since a great deal of knowledge had been brought up and discussed there.


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Ok... Clearing confusion...

As told to me by the horse himself...

The version of UBB they were using (older than the one here) puked at 30,000 messages. UBB has been working on the problem since x-mas day. Latest version is now loaded and UBB is restoring all 30,000 messages as we speak. Estimated return to operation is tonight 12/28/98.