Wait time for VTAC

Dec 2, 2004
I was just checking to see what the wait time(before being shipped) someone would have to wait for a VTAC? Also does anyone know if 1SKS sends items to Iraq?

If I understand correctly, Brigade Quartermaster will have them in stock next week. That is who I orderd my VTEC from. I am pretty sure they mail to Military bases, no problem.
Thanks Rooikat

What does rooikat mean? I have been meaning to ask for a while now...hahaa

A rooikat is a South African wild cat. it means 'red cat'. It is also a pretty cool series of south African APC's.
Our dealers are well stocked at this point.

Check your order status with Brigade. I believe you will learn it has already shipped.
Ordered One From Brigade Friday 12/17/04 Said they Had In Stock.
Called and said to hold my order so hopefully a troop could get one.
Will wait for next batch to come out.
I hope I get it soon, because I am about to leave the wonderful sandpit of civilization. I just want to get it before I leave. I checked with BQ and havent gotten a reply back as of yet. I leave my base in a couple weeks.
I called brigade Quartermasters this morning; they are in stock with VTACs, and mine was shipped on Saturday! Soon, my Rainier Scout will have a down and dirty brother to play with.
I ordered last week from 1SKS and got a good drop ship time and should get it on 12/22. Aaahhhhhh yeeeeaaaaahhh :cool:

did yours come yet? I ordered mine from BQ, and still havent gotten anything. I even wrote the customerservice email address 2 times, not even a reply. I hope I get it soon, but the email that was sent to me when I purchased it didnt say anything about shipment or anything. I just wanted to get a updated status on the shipment to see if it was shipped out or not. I hope that I get it soon!!!!!!! Heck, I just hope I get it before I leave. I think i am going to call and if it hasnt been shipped yet, I am going to just have them send it to my house instead.