Waki tip after an hour of yard work.

Jan 10, 2003
If you don't use this blade you will never know the thrill of dropping yards of branches like cutting BUTTER... OK an hour of work and 10 minutes with a 400 grit sandpaper and she's ready for more work. No dings or chips just a working blade.

A few days ago,I also finally used my waki in my backyard.I did ding up the fist few inches of the tip from mistakely hitting the dry dirt and have yet to sharpen it out.I plan on using my Gatco knife clamp and a extra coarse hone.
Sharpening the Waki on paper wheels is ... interesting ... there just isnt enough clearance for such a monster. Its possible though.

The good thing is that it doesnt really need to be sharpened very often.
Wakis aree sweet. No doubt about it. Mine chops and batons really well. But I used mine on Tuesday for some trail maintenance/brush clearing, I was disappointed in its perfomance. I think mine would benefit from a much thinner zero ground edge.
I reground the edge to 25 degrees each side, which not only makes it very easy to maintain the edge, but it cuts whatever you expect it to cut, again , again and again ...

The edge on the left is the factory edge, the new edge is on the right. I didn't bother to give it a mirror edge because its gone in the first strike, but I am so happy with it, I bought another as back-up so I don't have to pay exchange prices.