Walking the Plank in January

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Keith Mongometry - Vlad Pavlov trying to sell his stolen goods. (Also trying to annoy Keith Montgomery.)
fishharddiehappy - auction spammer booted by K.V. Collucci.
Reese015 - spam
ann_dem_rox - Vlad dropping in again.
ERdept - Just would not learn and harassing a mod.
Somenickz - spammer
Dakotav - Franklin returns.
balisongmaster77 - say goodbye to our resident scumbag benchmadenut.
daxnil - any of you folks need a handbag? (Spammer tossed in the turgid waters by K.V. Collucci
bapufish - lost and a long way from home. Spammer tossed into the drink by Gollnick.
22ltd - Spammer tossed headlong into the drink by glockman99.
alon3232 - AG sneaking back in.
Not open for further replies.