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Walter Brend?

Jun 10, 1999
Does Walter Brend have his own website? The last time that I checked Les Robertson's site I guess that they were all out of Brend knives because nothing came up.
No Walter dont have a web site. If you want one of his knives you need to talk to Les, and if you are serious dont waste any time about it.

Walter is busy grinding for Micro tech. He is not taking on new orders and his own fixed blades are definitely on the back burner to the grinding of m-tech folder blades.

So if you find one and want it, buy it quickly!!


Matt is right. Walter takes his work for MT very seriously. I talked with Walter last week. He informed me he is moving to Vero Beach FL. He is going to do this as soon as he can.

This will allow him to work on more "special" projects for MT.

This is not going to help his custom knives in any way, shape or form.

If you have ever moved, you know how much that disrupts your life. Now on top of that, Walter has to build a new shop as well.

It will easily be next year before custom knives are coming out of Walter's new shop.

Matt gave you some good advice, if you are serious about one of Walter's knives buy one if you find it.

Les Robertson
Robertson's Custom Cutlery
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