Walter dagger, is it a Boker?

Oct 30, 2000
:O oops I mean Walther, ate it wen the fingrer slip.....
Anyone seen this yet? .
The ad copy states that this is a Walther dagger, looks a LOT like the Applegate/Fairbairn that I have in my hand right now. The sheath even looks like the one I have, except my keeper strap works. The way that photo shows it, someone is going to loose a toe

"sharks and dogs" he muttered, "sharks and dogs...."

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By the looks of the handle it seems like it was made by Junglee.Or what ever Asian mfg produces that type of model for them.
I agree, "tactical knife" is about the worst thing to put on the blade of a knife-especially one that ugly. After looking at the photo's I'm almost positive its Applegate/Fairbairn blade. The handle has the same single hex nut and thong hole at the bottom though the guard is different. It also seems that the blade is also 440C. If this is being made on contract for Walther and Walther is able to sell it for half the price of the Boker and presumably make money, what does that say about how much Boker is really making off their "brand name" pieces?
here is the Boker version

"sharks and dogs" he muttered, "sharks and dogs...."
can you say "knock off"
look at the knife.the quality is no where close to that of the apllegate/fairbane.
cough*knock off*cough cough IMHO.
DHall, how did you find the knife on knifecenter? They do not have any knives made by Walther at all to select from...
Is it just me, or are all the handgun makers
jumping on the "tactical knife" bandwagon in
some bizarre attempt to supplement revenue in
the non-gun-friendly litigious climate of the

I've so far seen knives from Colt, S&W, H&K,
Beretta, and Walther. Can we expect more? Do
we really WANT to? Some of them suck badly.

Do they plan to make these knives just until
the smoke clears, or what?

BTW, Boker is making the H&K folders, maybe
they have some new contract with the entire
firearms industry...

Its on the last page of the "New Items Listing" From the home page select the drop down menu to the right of the drop down menu of brands. Then at the bottom of the New Items page, click on "end".

"sharks and dogs" he muttered, "sharks and dogs...."