Wanted : A Studly Buck?

Jan 6, 1999
I have a factory Buck 531+ that I want to put a thumb stud on. This is a good looking knife so I want it done right.I do not have the capabilities any suggestions?


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The one armed bandit is the to go. I've put these on everything from a Gerber gator to one of the nice slab handle Berrettas. They work great and are easy to put on with the little hex screw and allen wrench that comes with it. Finding them is another matter. I know Smoky Mountain use to sell them but I'm not sure about now. They come in three sizes the standard and compact fit blades up to 1/8th inch thick but the compact is smaller in diameter for smaller knives or blades that fit very close to the handle. They also make a thick that fits up to 3/8th which I needed for a large drop point Kershaw folder. I have an address but I don't know if its current for the manufacturer. Y.B. Technology P.O. Box 65, Snowdon Station, Montreal,
Quebec, Canada H3X 3T3. Does anyone have a stateside source? I've exhausted my current supply and would like to get some more. By the SMKW used to get $4.99 for theirs. Hope this helps.
You are right that would work and I would like to get my hands on some of them for my other knives.
The Buck is a different story however.
I have had a 531 for years and always wanted to "fix it"
I bought this new one just to customize.
I love the way this knife looks and I want a first class job.
I have the desire, the knife, money, and the Knife Forum.
Am I ready or what?
Thank you all in advance,


Integrity is Being Good Even if No One is Watching
I'm sure there must be some knifemakers out there that would be willing to do the job. But I would be willing to bet if you can find a local machine shop with a knife nut at it he could do the job just as well. Or check with your local gun shop. It would be an easy job for a good gunsmith.

I like the one arm bandit too, but they are hard to find. Something that has worked well for me many years is to take your knife to the local hobby store that carry K&N brass tubing and find the stuff that looks like a three sided square (like small rain gutter for a micro doll house). Buy the size that fits over the back of the blade and the next sizes up. Degrease the brass with acetone and super glue them together like nesting tupperware. When dry, cut off 3/4 to an inch long pieace, degrease the blade and super glue onto the blade. I got the idea seeing a u shaped piece of brass stuck on the back of a cheap bowie to make it look meaner. Yeah it sounds hokie, but it works very well on my Buck 426 and 422, before the advent of all the "tactical" pocket poniards now on the market. - Brian
Give me your address, and I'll send you a couple of types of Flick-its. The over backbone type wich has the allen and a set that we use with our lightning series. The second type will require you to drill the blade which will be tricky since the Rockwells are high.

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That is a very interesting idea Brian, I will definatly try that with my 110. Not to mention it is just a "cool" thing to know.
Jeff, I will e mail you when I finish this post.
Thank you all for the suggestions so far. Anyone have any more "cool" ideas.
The thing I like most about Blade Forums is we all learn when one has a question.


Integrity is Being Good Even if No One is Watching