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Wanted Aprentice, Again.

Oct 4, 1998
Well, due to some unfortunete circumstances, the person that was going to start learning from me in January will not be able to take me up on my offer.

So the offer is put back into the cycle. Anyone that would like to learn knifemaking in exchange for labor should please contact me. I live in the eastern area of North Carolina and would like to get someone to help me soon.

Please contact me or post here if you are interested..

Alan Folts, alanfolts@sprintmail.com

I am the person with the unforunate circumstances, I got a job offer in Tennesee that I can't pass up.

I have been to Alan's shop, and ground with him, he is an exelent teacher, more than fair, his work is VERY good. I can not give him high enough marks. It was a very hard decision to take the job in Tennesee not only because I would not be able to learn from Alan, but also because Alan is one of those people who are just plain fun to be around.

I still plan to head over to NC every chance I get to grind with Alan and learn everything I can from him. You will not find a better teacher.

Thanks for the chance Alan


Mouse Assassins inc.

Oh well was hoping you two would get together. Am happy for you SD good luck on the new job. Sorry Alan, hope another good prospect comes along soon.
I had seriously thought about it. Always wanted to make my own knives. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I've never really seen many knives out there that I liked. Something was always wrong somewhere, IMO. Also, I've got ideas.. very specific ideas that I, sadly, haven't seen anyone bring it to light. Probably because it's a bad idea, who knows.
Alas, I can't. I am seriously grounded to where I am.
Cummmon guys!!

This is a good deal i swear, no out of pocket expenses, geesh you offer people a free luch, and they tell ya theirs no such thing..

okay, I'll take the blood quench out of the deal..

OK, Alan - this is my final offer. You agree to pay my small plane fare each weekend, put me up for two nights, feed me (this'll be your biggest expense
), and MAKE THAT CUSTOM SEBENZA-BASED PIECE I've been buggin' ya for, and I'll do it. Reluctantly.

Kelly the Dreamer
I have a deal,

You move to Jacksonville!

Put all your equipment in my warehouse and your make your knives and do special runs for me. I have a few employess who could help you out. You have to move to Florida eventually, it is the law of our land

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Lead - Follow or get out of the way!

Saaaaaaay Alan...where was it that you live BEFORE North Carolina? ;D

You may be just a *little* late there Mike


Mouse Assassins inc.

Hay Mike,
I like Alan where he is !!!
NC is just as friendly to gun and knife people as FL. ... Got any room for me??

Seriously though guys, Alan is making a great offer … I've learned much just talking with him. If you had opportunity to work with him you'll gain something that you'll never lose. If you're a college student he is not to far from ECU a first rate school. Transfer???

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No takers? Well i guess I'm just gonna have to do it all on my own, i guess this means i get a rate increse right?

Just kidding, still taking offers..