WANTED: Kydex sheaths made for Gerber MkII and Cold Steel Black Bear Classic

Nov 19, 1998

I need to find someon that can make me a kydex sheath for the Gerber MkII WASP and a Cold Steel Black Bear Classic. I would like the MkII sheath to be used for handle down carry on a tac vest. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

- Kim
What is your impression of the black bear classic? Is a good deal for the money? I have always loved its Loveless influenced design. For kydex sheaths you can try www.blade-tech.com. They are listed in the links section, and should be able to help you out.

The black bear is without a doubt one of the best examples of a knife I've ever owned. THe size is impressive but not so big that it is outrageous. I have the double edged model and love the weight and balance of it. I would highly recommend this knife to anyone thinking of getting one. Hope this helps and thanks for the pointer, I'll pop over there now.

- Kim
You should contact Bob Dozier in Arkansas for a Kydex sheath. He uses it quite a bit and I'm sure could be talked into making you one.
check out Edge Works Manufacturing at
They can fit you up in some kydex.
Try Frank Sigman at Edge Guard, he is the best and if you dont think so I will eat this email. No Kidding!!! He is very good and aims to please. Call 1-828-396-1266..

Blue Skies,

You may want to contact Mike Sastre of River City Sheaths (513) 868-9680 or VideoSAS@aol.com

He has been making some very cool upside down carry systems for blades. I have a neck sheath for a folder he made, and it's great! He may also be interested in another custom job (He's working on one for me now).
Good Luck
Regarding Dozier sheaths for big knives:
I own a KM-1 ranger which has a 6 1/6" blade and must say the kydex sheath is a tad too thin for a knife that size. Especially when you are used to MadDog products.
On the other hand I can highly recommend Frank Sigman. What's unique about his sheaths is that the Kydex is webbing covered. This makes the sheath very quiet. In addition Frank can give you extra pouches on the sheath for sharpening devices or other goodies.
Pretty pricey though.
What about Concealex?
e.g. as mentioned at http://www.pe.net/~thrblade/

Remember, this is a question type suggestion as I have no knowledge of the relative merits of concealex vs. kydex. I believe I saw a post somewhere that did discuss this issue.
tim wenger of spyderco fame has a company that makes what you want for anything you want...they advertise in all the knife mags or you could email sal at spyderco and get his phone no.