Wanted - real basic review on Marine Raider Bowie by Ontario

I'll give you very basic.Great hacker and chopper. All around brute that you can beat the hell out of and never have to worry about because for less then $45 bucks it can easily be replaced if by some strange reason you ever were able to break it. 1095 steel I believe and easy enough to re-sharpen. It is a handful though and fairly heavy so for sustained field use it could be tiring. All in all a bargain quality knife begging for hard use. Hope this was basic enough for you.
wow, the basic review and the full one!

I got to bookmark that home page of Cliff's. he reviewed like every knife made from 2000 B.C. to current day...
Jeez Cliff, you really slaughtered that log on your Ang Khola 20 in review.

Actually, you slaughtered everything in site

I had one, but I returned it for their tanto (of same length). I had 2 reasons
1)I really is VERY heavy, in the 2 pound range, and I was not quite 1as strong when I got it as I am now.
2) The full guard isn't very friendly to the flesh between your thumb and pointer.

The tanto I got is great though, and so is the Marine Raider, really (just no for my needs). Personally, if you want a good cheap clip blade, try either their "Survival Bowie", or the knife they released more recently which looks very similar to it. The handles (the ones withOUT the full guards) are comfortable, and the knives are solid altogether.