WANTED - Someone to customize my SwissTool

Dec 16, 2004
I know this may be an odd request and I hope this is the right place to make it. After some discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of my SwissTool or over a new Leatherman Charge or Wave I am coming to the realization that all I really want is one-handed blade opening on my SwissTool, which otherwise meets all my needs.

I have absolutely no experience with knife making and am wondering if any of custom knife builders would be interested in taking on such a project, or have had experience with such a mod in the past? I have some ideas how to achieve this I can draw up for anyone interested.

Ideally I'd like to find someone local to me in Southern California (OC, SD or LA) who would be interested in this for a (hopefully) reasonable sum. It also seems to me once the design and methodology for this was established, this mod could easily be marketed as a service to current SwissTool owners and possibly by buying, modding and reselling brand new SwissTools if there was enough demand.

Anyone interested please email me: auntydan@hotmail.com