Warning!!! Bad Pictures of some GREAT Bowies! 2 Killer Hanson Bowies!!!

Jun 5, 2002
Well, I received the 2 Hanson bowies I had been patiently (yeah right!) waiting for, I have only been able to take a few pictures, none of which I'm all that thrilled with, I actually took them on my wife's dresser, with nothing but the halogen torch lamp in the corner of the bedroom for light, so, these knives look decent in the pics, only because they are incredible knives and frankly, you just can't take a bad pic of either, but, i hope I can take a few good ones with some adequate outdoor light, or in my new light tent which should arrive in a few days, with Coop's graciously offered advice helping me along the way. :)

The damascus bowie is a 9" diff tempered blade, long false clip, wavy patterned damascus ferrule, Don's mosaic pattern for the guard, the blade exhibits an optical illusion of sorts, and shimmers in the light, appearing to almost drip, similar to a Bradshaw Jelly Roll pattern I have on a small bowie. Amazing damascus blade, which happens to be attached flawlessly to, about the sweetest midnight blue, bark ivory I have ever seen! It's like candy. :) The handle halves are seamlessly joined, affixed and adorned with 7 18K gold pins per side.

I can't say enough about this gem of a bowie, that I call: "Big Blue", except that if I ever offer it for sale, somebody please kill me. :) It might just be my favorite bowie to date, of ANY maker.

Next up is a large 11" bowie, the blade is a massive forged clip point bowie pattern, made from a modified 1086 created by famed Howard Clark, who's Katanas routinely sell for $10,000+. The Hamon is nothing short of spectacular, and somewhat reminicent of those found on certain older Katana. I think Don Fogg may have just gotten some competition! There is a secondary, straight line that runs above the wavy, more abstract one, both are very visible against the flawless, smooth satin finish of the blade.

The guard is a very attractive twist type damascus, and, the stag handle is UNREAL!!! The seam where the halves join is undetectable with your fingernail, the fit of the blade to the guard is press fit and perfect, the quality and texture of the stag on both sides is remarkable, so, I don't see how this bowie could really be any better, and I am very pleased and proud to add it to my growing Hanson collection, to resort to typical, internet forum vernacular: "Don's stuff Rocks!" :)

Here are the pics, I hope to have more, much better ones, soon.






Feb 28, 2002
Does receiving two outstanding knives like that in one package make you go cross-eyed and faint? Just curious. :p That is the most vibrant blue I have ever seen on mammoth and the hamon on the stag bowie is just wild. Terrific duo.



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Feb 27, 2001
Awesome work. Congratulations to both of you. Opening that package must have been something to remember!
Jun 5, 2002
Thanks guys, I dont think it has hit me yet that I just snagged 2 of the nicest bowies I have ever seen from any maker.

This Hanson fellow is pretty good. :)

Anybody know if his 13" bowie sold at the show?

(Let's see, if I sell my wife's car, liquidate our 401Ks, begin to buy my son's baby forumla at flea markets, and water it down, maybe I can swing it....)
Oct 3, 2002
O K Ari you are embarrissing me now, you are too kind :)

Thanks guys for the nice words and I will try to make a bowie or two from time to time but I have quite a few folder orders I have to get done in the next two or three months.