Warning..EVIL Dremel Bits!!

Nov 4, 1998
We all know to be wary of Dremel's cheap cutting wheels...

Beware of the Cloth buffing wheel...Not the felt ones, the cloth ones folks..these are way evil because they shed like a frightened persion kitten. I just filled my apartment with loose threads, and I think *ACHOO* I know I sniffed a couple accidentally...THROW THEM AWAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE COVERED IN 1" threads that cling to everything!!!! I am so mad...

YeK - Thanx for the warning. I've been using Dremels for a long time (30+ years). I found there are other bits that are very useful. For example, dental burrs. My destist uses them only up to a point. Then they cannot be sharpened and must be discarded. Ask you dentist to save his old dental burrs for you. They are very hard (often carbide) and will perform a lot of tasks that regular bits won't.