Feb 25, 2000
Does anyone out there have any experience with the Ka-Bar Warthog - Good or Bad?

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I have used a warthog for a couple of summers as an occasional camping knife. I really like the basic shape of the blade, but hate the vertical extension of the guard up the back of the blade( it took 20 minutes to cut and file it down). The steel is good, holds an edge well and sharpens very easily as most C steels do. It rusts if not dried, but this has not been ahuge problem for us. The handle is sticky enough that your hand won't slip, but I think that in time, i will have to rehandle it since I am sure that the kraton will break down in time. All in all, it is a good knife for generaluse. Our 16 year old now has one for Scouts.
That's a good idea! When I get mine in the mail, I'm gonna cut off the top part of the hilt too. All as it does is get in the way. What should I use, a hachsaw?

"Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Matt. 10:16
One little nitpick : As far as i understood it, the handle on all the new Ka-Bars is thermoplastic elastomer, the same stuff used in old mountain bike forks.


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Yes, I used a hacksaw and then a mill bastard file. The guard is mild steel. I then painted it with a mix of epoxy and graphite to match the colour of the rest of the hilt. I agree about the handle, stacked leather washers are classier ( but they do absorb water).
Jeff Randall did an excellent review of the Warthog that you can find on his website. Just do a search under his name and I think he has a link to his sight in his post's. He seemed to really like it.

Hope this helps you out.

I'll confess to having been tempted by the Warthog. Maybe I felt sorry for it; I'm not sure. With a knife like that you can cut the cake and serve it too. Flip the pancakes AND spread the jam. It has what I like to call "funky unpretentiousness". It screams (but not too loudly): "I'm not trying to impress anyone, least of all YOU."

Yes, I would definitely cut off the top part of the guard. There is a recess on the spine which seems to want my thumb to rest there.

Maybe I'll buy one yet! Thanks for the reminder.

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For a 'Warthog' on steiroids and 'done right' to start with, check out a Chris Reeve 'Rhino'or SKINNER (or UBEJANE)
under http://www.chrisreeve.com/ubejane.html

High price though.....


If you like the Warthog, then look at the Knife Ontario(borrowed) the design from, Newt Livesay's Sniper. A wholly superior knife.

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