Washers on Military


Jan 5, 2006
Hi, i took my military apart to clean it today and noticed that i had only one washer on the right side of the liner lock, Is this normal or should i have one on the other side also, i have been having problems with the blade feeling loose would this be the cause? Also where would i purchase that type of washer locally if i would need one and what is it made of.

Thanks in advance.:)
In my experience, the number of washers that you might find in a Spyderco folder is pretty much random. Sometimes they're doubled on one side and sometimes they're missing completely. You should have 1 on each side of the blade.

The ultra-thin, translucent orange washers are plastic. I think it's called Kapton. The metallic washers are phosphor bronze. If you call or email Spyderco's customer service, they may send you out a few spare washers at no cost.
It seems like they used the thin plastic washers so more could be added or taken away to make it easier to fit the blade.
I had a Starmate that had 5 or 6 on one side and 1 on the other.