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Oct 6, 2006
would putting bronze washers, or something better from knifekits.com Make my super CQC-7 open smoother with still having the pivot pin tight. or just better action all around.
Darrel Ralph told me when I bought one of his knives that they have phosphor bronze washers. He said that they aren't as smooth as teflon or nylon or whatever you want to call the plastic white ones.

But, he also said people put those in their knives for smoothness, but that they eventually wear faster than PB and will allow more blade play.

All I know is that I particularly like knives with them. They are sturdy and I really don't care about smoothness, but more about reliability and function.

I know that BM has swithched to them and that Striders come with them.

That's all I know and this is just my opinion and the quotation of Mr. Ralph when I bought one of his knives.
I have somes knive with PB washers and after treating them with Militec-1 they are as smooth as any of my other knives with nylon and teflon washers.
PB owns all over telflon or any other plastic washer , IM not so HO.

Practically eliminates blade play , I prefer my blades a little on the tight side so I do not notice smoothness much.
Like WadeF said , lube em and go.
Every knife that I can take apart easily gets a PB upgrade. :thumbup:
I got one of the new DDR2 kits in the mail, and I ordered a set of PB washers to see what I could tell as far as the difference. The teflon was smoother, until i swiped the PB washers with 2000 grit sandpaper once or twice and put a little bit of Remoil on the pivot. Now the little knife is as smooth as can be!
I also have PB washers in my Benchmade 556 mini grip, 707D2, 960, and 14210. They are all ultra smooth... I would say the smoothness is comparable to the best of anything else I have handled.
I definately go for the PB washers also. I do belive the teflon are smoother but in a tight pivot they seem to "squish" sometimes and that lets a little bladeplay develop. The Nylatron are hard and smooth to boot. But the pb's are best in my book and a little polishing with the 2000 grit wet/dry paper that simms65 mentioned does do wonders!:thumbup:
I have some knives with Bronze washers. They(the washers on the other knives) will fit the cqc-7, but do you think they are the phospher bronze, the pb , you guys are talking about?
Nylotron washers and a dry oil free bearing is the way to go. Oil attracts lint and grit, one gums up the works, the other causes scratches and wear.

Even with phosphor bronze, there is a product made in Canada called 'Jigaloo'. It is fast drying, non stick, residue free silicon spray. It works a treat.

Nylotron is high grade nylon impregnated with a Teflon type material (molybdenum disulfide (MoS2).