Watches and Hinderers

Aug 12, 2006
I wanted to do this for a while but someone on another forum beat me to it. Since I can't post pics there and this is really my home anyway, how about showing off your watches?
My 30 year old Sub and my much newer XM-18.
Ok I will play along. Please remember the watch is not for sale at any price............well maybe 20 bucks. It is a 27 year old Seiko with a custom scratched crystal. Along with my XM-18 3" and XM-18 3.5"

I love my Omega but the Breitlings are nice....


My attempt at artistry, ignore the crappy camera quality:)


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I don't have a picture right now but I'll upload one this weekend. I wear a Breitling Super Avenger. It's my one and only automatic watch. I've recently sold a few to fund my knife collecting!
Lots of great FUN photos. Thanks to Strider for bringing a thread to our forum that is fun and light. Great to see the Different creativity with the center of focus the enjoyment of these great knives
we all love to carry and use. Just goes to show, not every thread needs to be technically focused or heavy topic matter.
Life is short and every aspect should be as enjoyable as possible:)
Thanks Rubi and thanks to the guys that posted. Like you say, keeping it light. I was really expecting to see more involvement though and I hope no one feels intimidated by the caliber of watched posted. Some nice stuff so far but an artsy attempt with a Timex would be just as cool.

I was tempted to try either a Favorite Book, Movie, or TV Show post but, meh, another day.
Not intimidated, but some stuff just strikes me as a bit too personal for the world to see.
This has not seen wrist time in awhile, but it is one of my favorites since it was my entry into quality wrist instruments (many years ago); before Tag Heuer became a more well known brand.
Okay, intimidated wasn't the right word. I was trying to work a back-door pun in there but I guess it didn't work. Thanks for sharing!
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Great thread Strider and great pics, love how N2K got his dots on his Tag to illuminate in the photo (very cool)
Since I decided to play here a little, here's another I don"t wear as often as I should. Some more Swiss movement chrono goodness...
Couple of Classics.... Sharp TV (Yeah, I own that) the XM-18 3.5 (mine too) old Classic time piece, and who doesn't love "Animal House" my cameo appearance in a decent movie.

Yep, that's me - the blonde.