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Watching Jerry Springer....

Perhaps this isn't appropriate for this forum, but I was sitting here reading posts for the last 2 hours, and Missus Fire's watching Jerry Springer.
Outta the corner of my ear, I heard Jerry say, "..... and he took THIS knife and cut off his p**** off"

It seemed to be a Buck 110.

Once again, sorry if it was inappropriate, but Missus Fire wasn't seeing the coincidental value of this.... just had to tell SOMEone!
Good thing you asked. It would have been much more appropriate if it had been a good hawkbill like a Harpy! Ya gotta use the right tool for the job!

Some people just don't know what's appropriate!
You're right Bob....
They guy went on to say that it didn't cut right away. Something about gristle
A Harpy woulda been a better choice. He mentioned the "frank", but not the "beans". Perhaps he'll read this and become enlightened.

Think I'll stop now... I feel kinda queasy
I noticed a thread stopped one day, not locked but just stopped when the question was asked "Why do you carry a knife?"

I reply, Because it is too much work to take the head with a 2x4...

I saw that episode and when they showed a close-up of the knife, it looked more like a large Puma 110 lookalike.
Also once on LAPD: Life on the Beat, the cops confiscated what also looked like a Puma lockback from a street person. No knock on Puma, but it was an interesting coincidence.
I saw it also. Looked like the thing (knife), could have been sharpened!!
Gristle? (staring down into my lap and comtemplating the physiological mysteries...)

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.