Wave on Commander

Oct 3, 1998
What's the story with the "Wave" feature on the Emerson Commander? I've looked at the pictures, and I can't figure out how it works. Can anyone explain it in simple terms? Does it work well?


I can try. I don't have one, but last time I saw Edgy-Tools.com at a Gun&Knife show they let me play with theirs.
The small wave catches on your pocket as you withdraw the knife. You pull the knife out of your front right pocket, and pull towards your rear. As you do that it snags your pocket and opens the blade. The knife is carried tip. As soon as the knife clears your pocket the blade is open and locked in place. It is very cool, and very quick. I've thought about modify a Spyderco to do the same thing. Just cut some metal away from the front of the Spyderco "hump" and you'll have a slight lip that will do the same thing. Hope this helps. If I explained it wrong one of you people who actually own a Commander please correct me.
There is a nice write up in the newest "Knives Illustrated" I have one and it is great. Love it.

Danny Ridenhour
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