Waved Endura, your opinion?

Oct 20, 2003
Hello Spydiefans!

I've seen this browsing the european comunnity forum (thanks Senate :) ) and I would like to hear your comments about it.


For me I find the evolution not really profitable for the design of the Endura (which is based on simplicity IMO), because of the ratio "blade shape/hole/wave": the blade is not very high, so the hole takes a lot of space (but on the normal version it's completly integrated in the blade shape), and the wave takes even more space. I'm not sure of my feeling toward this waved Endura at the moment, because I wait to see the definitive version, and handle it (the one on the pic is a prototype), but I think the wave evolution (officially endorsed by Emerson I guess) would have given a nicer result on the Yojimbo, the Native, or the Chinook for example.
Well, I know it's difficult to add new features on a existing design, and I guess among many others, one problem is to include the feature while keeping the price order in phase with the market... I'm sure Sal could write pages about those concerns, right? ;)

What do think (or feel) about it? thanks!

Here's a link to the discussion on Self Defense Forums where this originated.


It is in response to the interest in a "waved" Endura as evidence by many people taking a Dremel tool to their FRN Enduras. Sal agreed to try a run of waved Enduras if there was enough interest and if licencing arrangements could be made with Emerson Knives.

The prototype has been produced and Ernest Emerson has apparently agreed to licence the wave (for a royalty and recognition).

I'm personally interested in this knife, first because of the "wave" (I'd like to try it) and second, because it shows how two master designers and their companies can work together.

Yeah, I think the real question is when can I get one? I have not been willing to spend the 100 plus bones it would cost to try a waved emerson. I will gladly by a waved endura, assuming of course they are fairly priced, which I have little doubt of.

Bring on the waveddodo, yojimbo, and mili.

Thanks for making this happen Sal, now if its only in d2;-)>
I was all over this on the SDF when I saw it. I would want two knives and a drone personally :cool:
Can't wait for this to happen. Sal dicussed the strength issue quite a bit over on SDF. He's satisfied and IMO coming from Sal that's good enough for me. I want a couple of them.
i'm all over this thing, regardless. a great, tried-and-true knife design meets additional functionality. sweet.

abe m.

-- and a fatter tip on the Endura looks great! very tough.
I think they'll sell out quickly.

I'll be buying at least 4-5 of them for personal use and gifts.
Any idea on when the waved endura will be available? I remember a possible
March/April release date.
The release on this is going to be interesting as SDF just went through a meltdown/implosion. :eek:
donutsrule said:
The release on this is going to be interesting as SDF just went through a meltdown/implosion. :eek:

James, the owner of the Self Defense Forums site (and Self Defense Gear through whom the waved Enduras are to be sold) just posted this on the Spyderco.com site.

Hey guys, James from SDF here.
As far as I know the Waved Endura is very much a go. We are currently waiting on delivery.

Hope that helps!

Well , for me it's castration of a knife(Spydie knife...where spyderhole was the "idea" not wave).... :grumpy:

Would you like to cut off your balls......where BALLs was the "idea" ;)
I don't think so. :rolleyes:

It's a great idea. Right now the only options for getting a waved knife are >$150 emersons or <$10 chinese copies. The endura will hit it at midrange, $50-60 hopefully, and probably have a lot of buyers.

What dealers will have these?