Waxy's Custom Concealex Sheaths for my Tempest!

Oct 19, 1999
I received my my Rinaldi Tempest with its new custom sheaths from Matt Draper- our very own Waxes Eloquent
- a few days ago. Matt made me two sheaths- an IWB carry, and a sheath for my JSP BladeRigger Associate Shoulder Harness.
Here is a pic:


I can't tell you how impressed and pleased I am by the workmanship and attention to detail of Matt's sheaths. The fit and finish are excellent Both sheaths are ultra thin. They each hold the blade with just the right amount of tension to prevent the blade from falling out accidentally, but not so tightly as to slow down the draw. The "alien skin" covering that Matt puts on the concealex feels like a cross between rubber and leather. It effectively dampens the noisiness of the concealex and the slightly tacky(sticky) texture of the alien skin really helps keep the IWB sheath in the proper position until I want to draw the blade. And finally, the leather accent strips that Matt put on them adds a nice aesthetic touch. Outstanding work.

Matt's customer service was equally as impressive. He listened to what I wanted and made excellent suggestions. And he got the sheaths made and everything back to me in just a couple of days! Not weeks like I've experienced with other sheath makers.

Based on this experience, I am going to have Matt make me sheaths for my nearly completed 6" Hossom fighter
. I can recommend him and his work without hesitation. His E-mail address and other examples of his work are:



Waxy's Custom Concealex-



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

The coating on the sheaths sounds very interesting. How abrasion resistant is it? Can it be easily reapplied?

That Tempest blade looks more attractive each time I see it.


Thanks for the review! It was a pleasure making a sheath for that knife. Now I can't wait to see your new Hossom fighter.


The coating is only somewhat abrasion resistant(it can be scraped off if you have the time and elbow grease). I've only had that happen on one sheath, so mercifully it's VERY easy to reapply. (I would do so no cost, should another sheath lose a bit of it's coating, but it would also be cheap and easy for someone to do it themselves.)

"Alien Skin" is not as tough as Piorek's Rigger Coat (TM), but it looks better, feels better, and actually quiets the concealex down a bit. (When something hard hits the sheath the resulting noise is dampened.)

I also fully laminate leather over the concealex for those who want the feel of leather but the retention of concealex.


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How are you bro? Sweet knife/sheath combo you got there...
As usual, another great review! When am I going to see your reviews in one of the major knife rags? That way, instead of reading your reviews while sitting at my computer, I can take the magazine with me into my 'office'(you know, the one with the porcelain seat
) and read them at my leisure. That's where I do all my important reading anyway.


You forgot to mention the very theraputic effects you can get by sniffing your sheaths. I just finished sniffing mine, and I saw visions of corn fields, mountain tops, hot scantily dressed chicks, and huge schooners of ice cold beer!

I'm well. How's life treating you? I don't know when I'll write something that you can enjoy in your office. I kinda like doing my reviews this way. I'm beholdin' to no one, free to write what I find with no outside pressures, you know what I mean? So you just may have to buy a laptop and an FM system

As far as the therapeutic benefits of Matt's sheaths goes, I thought that we had all agreed that that would remain a little secret perc for those of us clever enough to purchase his fine work. Mr.G, didn't you read and sign the nondisclosure agreement that came with your sheath? Now you've gone and let the cat out of the bag.

Everyone's going to want to sniff Matt's Magic Mix now! The Waxy's Custom Concealex Sheath epidemic will sweep the US, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, and soon the World. The ultimate in blade concealment and designer drug technology all in one slim package- who could resist it? Before you can say "twelve step program" we'll be waiting years for our sheaths,Mr.G! What were you thinking, Man?!



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

I just got two sheaths back from Matt for my Blackwood and my Draper.... one for each nostril.... wow............ oh, were was I..... nice sheaths......... nice s..m..e..l..l

Very nice work Matt!!! Your sheath work looks outstanding. Now about the stuff that makes you see corn fields and bikini girls with beer??? Where would one aquire some of that? Its for purely medicinal purposes of course:)HA!!! Great work for sure.
Mario you be sure and keep me updated on how that knife works over time..

Take Care
Trace Rinaldi http://www.pe.net/~thrblade/

Think of some cool saying and insert here.

Dude, you're right! I totally let the cat out of the bag, even though I promised on that dark rainy night in Georgia, when we cut our chests with our Hossom knives and swore that the Magic Mix Elixer of Matt would never ever reach the hands of mere mortals...I slipped. Please forgive me.

For punishment, I will go to the nearest nudie bar...STAT!. Once there, I will order a minimum of twelve...no wait, twenty lap dances from the hottest babes there. After that, I will go home and sniff my sheath again.
Trace, your Tempest continues to look and perform beautifully. It remains the envy of all my FMA friends.

Matt, I carried the knife in your IWB sheath all day at work yesterday. It was extremely comfortable, and other than occasionally appearing more 'manly' than usual
, no-one was the wiser.

Mr.G, please be extremely cautious! There have been reports in the literature of men simply exploding on the way back to their cars after receiving just ten lap dances. The photographs are absolutely chilling - bits of the body, none bigger than a Spyderco Delica, scattered for over a one block radius, blood and gore everywhere. So, Mr.G, castigate yourself yes, but don't go too far. We wouldn't want to lose you, old friend.



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

Great looking work there, on both the sheath and knife. Too bad we don't have "scratch and sniff" here on the forums...

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Great lookin Sheaths..
How is the belt clip fastened to the sheath..
Can it be removed for right and left carry..