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Wayne Clay, a maker

Back in the late 1980's I was in Silver City,Nv and saw several custom knives. One was a D'Holder, beautiful but costs way to much. The other was by Wayne Clay of Pelham, Tenn. I have done a search through the forums and can not find anything on him. Does anyone know anything about him?
Nov 24, 1999
He's an acomplished maker who focuses on folders. Mostly lockbacks I think. He co wrote a book ( " How to make folding knives") with Ron Lake and Frank Centofante where each of them goes through their step by step process for making a lock back folder. Someone else ( not a knifemaker) is the actual author of the book, but its divided into three sections where each guy goes through every step in detail of how he makes a lockback.
Wayne's shop looks like its a realy nice setup in his book and his knives looked great. He makes his pattern 3 lockback in the book and its a neat looking little knife. Seems like he goes for a traditional design ( rear lock release, nail nick, liners , bolsters, etc) with modern materials ( G10, 6061T, etc). His knives are meant to be used.

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