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May 16, 2020
We just got in these David Mary Customs at the shop.

Two models ;

Zoomerang, which is exclusive to us. Each of these has a 3/32” stock, 2.9” Magnacut blade making it legal everywhere. Most come with suretouch scales (3 of them come with fine textured wood). There’s a variety of smooth, wide texture and fine textured scales. Thin stock, very thin behind the edge making these great slicers but not something to hammer on. Suretouch models come with kydex. Wood comes with holstex sheath.

Great edc blade for normal daily carry and tasks. Priced very nicely.







Midirang, comes with smooth suretouch scales, kydex sheath and has a 3/32” stock, 3.3” Magnacut with slightly longer handle.





Links to suretouch Zoomerang, wood scaled Zoomerang and a Midirang here;

He's talking about this Bowie, aka the "David Bowie", one of the few knives I have ever sanded a handle up to 1000 grit. Forge heat treated by Andy Pomorski, the blade of this 8670 Bowie is built to perform. It sports a very thin and slicey grind, and its unsharpened swedge, legal just about everywhere, is thin enough that you could sharpen it yourself with little effort, if so desired. I made the handle from 26 individual pieces of wood that I painstakingly hand cut to size and assembled all by eye. Complete with subtle forge heat treatment "birth marks" as a nod to the blacksmith who gave the steel its soul. While assuredly still not "perfect", this unique piece has a character all its own and represents my love and gratitude towards the knife community, as well as the modest progress I have made in the craft since going full time at the start of 2020. I made this knife as a thank you to Empire Outfitters for taking a chance on a little known, small potatoes maker like me, and to the knife community, for helping me get this far. Every purchase of a Zoomerang or Midirang from Empire Outfitters automatically gets entered into the draw to win this knife.


And the anatomy, here you can see the subtle interplay of Bocote and Zebrawood that might otherwise be easy to miss, if you aren't looking for it. Note that Bocote is on the outside at the front and back, with Zebrawood between the Bocote and Redheart liners, but in the middle section that relationship is reversed. Not confusing at all, right? 🤣
David Bowie.jpg
Just a reminder to all the David Mary lovers in the crowd, there’s only a few more days left until your chance to win a Bowie ends. Christmas Eve is when we announce the winner.

Get over to Empire Outfitters, grab a Midirang or Zoomerang and automatically be entered to win this amazing Bowie.
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