We Need a Calender.......

Nov 4, 1998
LarryLuana's post got me to thinking. There are alot of Gun companies, and car companies that offer calenders that show Beautiful women with their products. I haven't seen a "Babe & Blade" calender yet, and I think we need one. It does not have to be racy or in bad taste, in fact it probably would be best if it were pictures of the women in our lives with their or our knives. I like knives, and I love my girlfriend. I just think that a BladeForums.COM calander has been a long time coming. Ya think Mr. Turber would mind being flooded with photos of women with knives? Perhaps the site owners & sysops could select a few, and then post the pics for a vote by the members? It's too late to do 1999, but we can make 2000 just a little brighter!



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I have to admit, I agree. I am not afraid to say it either. I just wouldn't want to look at another formite's lady, because murphy's law is bound to happen (for example, someone may say: damn she's hot, I'd like to f*#$ her). I know how I'd react and I'm pretty sure I know most of this forums people would react to it too. Didn't mean to try shoot down your idea Yekim.
Have you been posting to the forum(s) long enough to have seen James Mattis putting in links to lots of paintings of statuesque women with swords and knives ? I'm pretty sure the artist in question is Boris Vallejo
(sp?) and he has been doing this sort of thing for 20 years, if memory serves. He has had calendars in the past too. Because it is ART, these are impervious to the usual scorn that photos elicit.

How about a calender similar to the one sent out by Blade magazine? I am assuming that many of you received this as well. It would have to be sans babes. I think that would be kind of weird.
Guys, I don't think this is going to happen, strictly because it wouldn't be fair to the ladies here: None of us are good looking enough to be on a calender, so I'm not going to make them be on one.

Mike and I especially shouldn't be on a calender, or even photographed for that matter, according the Surgeon General.


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Okay, I guess instead of women & knives, how 'bout just plain ol' knives owned by forum members. I think Jim's Outsider would be perfect for, well, March of course
! I still think that forum members could benefit from a tasteful and well done calender. I would not mind a glossy pic of some of Mr. Mattis's work hanging on my wall (where does he get those wonderful pins?). There are a plethora of great knifemakers/forum members who have and make some downright sexy cutlery.
Now that's not a bad idea at all. We could even put images of the donated knives on the calendar, that would give dealers and makers that much more incentive to donate, right?

We may have lots of good photographs in a short while anyhow, so we'll think about it.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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