We need a good review of tactical shovels.


Petroleum Engineer
May 26, 1999
I loved that wild man's review of the CS Special Forces Shovel... bought onejust for fun. Anyway, how about a real head-to-head comparison of this one and the various competitors... I have seen several... maybe this has been done already... if so, where??

Dances with lemmings

I would be interested too. In the meantime you might look at the information on www.equipped.com
Fiskars claims theirs is approved by NATO. I do not remember seeing this shovel mentioned at "equipped" but I have not looked for awhile, so I may have forgotten or it might have been added.

I like my Cold Steel shovel. The blade is stiff which makes its very effective for its size. I use it for gardening when a bigger shovel is too much trouble and a hand trowel is a little small. I am not sure I would want to carry it camping where I was backpacking a long way, unless it was part of shared equipment. It would also depend on the style of camping, the type of ground, and how much digging one planned on doing. It would certainly be a lot more effective than a hand trowel.