We need a Machete sub forum

Mar 3, 2021
gota luv a machete or two, my ex could bullseye a machete at 20ft. the day i draw filled my machete was profound, lost some edge strength but was rewarded with a razor blade that devoured saplings. my machete is an indispensable tool that gets used lots. its fun to practice dual weilding in a doorway. my swords on the other hand only see occasional use when i cut plastic bottles with the sharps or spar with the blunts. the machete and related garden implement blades like bannana knives, cane cutters, billhooks, slashers ect realy do i belive warant their own forum🙃
Dec 6, 2008
They really do need their own subfourm. I agree it’s not as simple as a Machete . However Machete and other agricultural tools works.
Machetes, Slashers, Ditch blades, Sickles/Kama’s and so on are perhaps the largest and most diverse group of blades and aren’t well represented. At a min adding Machete to the axe subfourm would seem appropriate since they are both Ag tools.
In a attempt to make my point stronger I am posting on this thread because of a search of Parang’s.


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Nov 21, 2000
As big as Bladeforums is, more dilution is not going to attract more traffic, only fewer posts to this room.