Websites about knife care and sharpening.

Dec 20, 1998
I have seen the site but, I was wondering if anyone has found any other sites with detailed info on these subjects?.

you'll find some information here:


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BM800S, take it you like the Benchmade AFCK partially serrated
That was the first model I had from Benchmade. At the time I was thinking on using your handle for my name too for the Benchmade forums, but of course I decided not too. That was a long time ago, though.

Haven't seen you here before, let me say welcome to you !!


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Here's a few:
I agree that the FAQ's are extremely useful! I find, however, that the way they are posted here at bladeforums to be very annoying. I prefer the way they are posted in the newsgroup, rec.knives. They may not be as pretty, but they are much easier to read. I hate it when I have to go from page to page, waiting for each page to load. (ADSL lines, for practical purposes, have not reached me here in Miami.) Further, if you want to read it offline or search for particular words, the format is also inconvenient.

Its great when the hyperlink takes you to the particular section you want to go to, but I prefer that section to be down the page. I have had the urge a couple of times to refer to one of Joe's great FAQ's here at bladeforums, but never got through the multipage ones.

Does anyone know where the FAQ's are posted in html format on one page? Does anyone know why they are posted here, broken up this way? It cannot be some desire to increase the number of advertisements you have to get through, because I do not see any. I suppose it may be a matter of opinion, and if so, anyone reading this probably knows what mine is.
Does anyone else agree?

I feel the same way about magazines that make you go to several different locations in to read the entire article, i.e. "continued on page." If they want to intersperse advertising in article, OK, but why make you pay to play find the page? Last rant: those magazines that have the most interesting aricle listed on the cover, all about your dream knife, but you cannot find it inside. (I'm not writing about those rare instances where an article has to be omitted because the writer is still out in the woods/jungle chopping away....)
Thanks for the webpages, Beam! I'm a big fan of Razor Edge Systems, so it was a real treat to find the 1977 Popular Mechanics article.
Razor Edge Systems ??? I haven't seen reference to this name before. Anybody know anything ??? (

Razor Edge Systems is a company formed by John Juranitch, a world record holder for sharpening and shaving with an ax. That may sound hokey, but he knows what he is talking about. The most useful item they sell is a book called "The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening". I highly recommend it. I was not able, in 38 years, to sharpen a knife consistently until I read his book. Now, I offer to sharpen anyone's knife that needs it. They also have a video, which I'm considering to purchase, that I've seen several folks strongly recommend.

In addition to the book and video, they have sharpening guides and some of the best hones I've seen.

They're website is

Strangely, after getting and using their Deluxe kit (hones, guides, steel, case, & tools), I can now use my Spyderco SharpMaker successfully. My problem was not holding a consistent angle, which the Razor Edge guides solved.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.