Dec 13, 2005
ok folks i am trying to catalogue all the GOOD survival equipment websites that sell supplies tools etc. so share your fave suppliers...
We already did this a while back..need to bring it back up.

We really need an active Mod, if only to put up stickies, and such.
WSS does a good job at moderating itself in the behavior department,
we just need some minor housekeeping here and there.
Well Skunk, I still fully endorse and support your candidacy as Moderator for WSS. What do we need to do to get you elected?
I second the motion..

A motion has been made and seconded.. Is there any discussion regardin this matter?
All in favor? "AYE" Opposed?..........................?

Motion carried. Congratulations, Skunk. :)

Beacuse it is my civic duty to vote, I'm going to go change my clothes, shave, then come back and vote again. :p