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Wegner defense applications?

Oct 2, 1998
I have had no knife tactical knife training other than:
1. RUN!
2. If you are involved with an opponent with an edged weapon, you WILL PROBABLY BE CUT!

So I've got a question for those who have had quality training, AND who have a Wegner they can hold in their hand while considering their answer.

This is for someone who wants to carry a good utility/tactical knife. I realize the Wegner was designed for hunters, so I don't expect it to be the perfect defense knife. Other than the fact that the Wegner is a folder with a folder's drawbacks, does it present as a reasonable weapon for defense.

To my untrained mind it seems to have these advantages:
1. A very strong point, almost tanto-ish when viewed from above looking down on the spine.
2. The blade is very thick and strong (about 1/8 inch, I believe).
3. The geometry of the blade seems to lend itself well to slashing, yet the point appears like it would easily pierce tough objects if it had to be used for stabbing.
4. Even though a folder, it locks up TIGHT!
5. It is very ergonomic.

I have come to really like this knife for everyday carry (including the Jr.) and was wondering about it applicability for defense.


Me too? As a matter of fact I recently asked that same question in the Spyderco forum and got several responses.


Tim Wegner has posted an extensive explanation of the C48 Wegner Clipit's design features and their applications in the Spyderco forum. Should pretty much put it to rest that the C48 is about as good a Tac/Utility knife as you can carry.