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Oct 2, 1998
Welcome to BladeForums!

This is a 100% member driven forum!
It is yours to enjoy so have FUN!

Many of you are already familiar with many of the names you see here and over the next few days you will see many familiar faces filling in the blanks.

As many of you know it was nearly a year ago when I originally had the idea to make a forum like this. I waited and let others do it simply because I did not have the time to devote to a site such as this.

All that has changed.
BladeForums will be here for you use as a tool for guidance and to acquire knowledge on the fascinating world of knives. We "knifenuts" are all here to learn from each other. This will be a complete on-line community where all are welcome! Soon many features will be added to this site which will enhance your experience here.

Some of the things I have planned are:
A complete review area!
This area will have pictures and editorials written by members, and of course our resident expert, Dexter Ewing. You will be able to see and in some cases hear the reviews! Also video clips will be added for those who have high speed access (or for those who actually like to wait

A LIVE Chat Room!
ABC-Direct! Has been gracious enough to allow us to use their chat room right here on BladeForums! Kudos to ABC-Direct! look for it here over the weekend!

A Dealer area!
This will be a place for dealers to openly discuss issues which directly affect them. Although it will be password protected, much of the information that you guys want to hear will spill over in general area. You know me, I love to spill the beans

A Direct link to every knife related site in the WORLD!
I will put a links page up which will be FREE to anyone wishing to link to us. Also you can suggest a site and I will put it up on the links page! Cool huh?

Yup, Each month we will give away at least one knife to a member who posts at least one message! Anyone wishing to donate a knife should contact me and I will put you in rotation. If you are a dealer you will get FULL credit for your donation. The first knife to be given away will be a Kershaw Ken Onion Task! We will send the knife out to each winner one per month. All we ask is you take a photo with your new knife and send it in so we can post your pic. Of course that is voluntary. Also T-shirts, Hats and other items will be given away in different contests throughout the year.

More Ideas are in the pipeline so STAY TUNED!

This is not a manufacturers forum and is not owned by any business. This is, like I said above, 100% yours!

Dealers can link to this site at no charge!
Any monies made off banner advertising will be put back into the site or to pay for advertising in magazines and for promotional give aways!

I hope you enjoy this site!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Administrator and Sponsor

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Just want to say thanks ... you have lived up to what you said here and more so.

The ideas that you and Spark keep coming up with to make these forums more educational, interesting, and down right fun are fantastic! Needless to say very addicting, too

Love the idea that you can have the opportunity to purchase new first run knives through BladeForums.com just by being a member here. Never had a REKAT before and more than likely I probably wouldn't have even given it a thought if it weren't for this forum. I am looking forward to a REKAT Sifu as well as other new ones that may arrise in the future. This forum sure does give us knife nuts the advantage on any new knives coming into existance. Better than any magazine can do!


P.S. This has been a free advertisement for Mike and Spark at BladeForums.com.

" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People -- Most of the time, that is! "

I also want to say Thank you for this great site.
It's a great place to talk to other knife-addicted like i am and not be cured. (very important)

As you know I've been here since hour one
! The job Spark has done for you has been fantastic and without the two of you there would have been no way for mere ELUs like me to be able to interact with the likes of Sal Glesser, Bill Martino, Will Fennell, Daryl Ralph, Phil Gibbs, Jeff Hubbard, Kit Carson, AT Barr, Bud Lang, Steven Dick, and so many more manufacturers, custom makers, publishers, representatives, writers, and knife lovers at large. (I apologize to all whose names I left out....)

This is THE place to be, period!



I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!


My sincerest thanks goes to both you and Spark for making this happen. I'm not really much into forums, but since I found Bladeforums, I've been here ever since, and my day wouldn't be complete without at least scanning through the threads.

More power! And I'm sure you'll be blessed by the Almighty for being so generous to us all.

Best regards,