Welcome AG Russell !!

Oct 26, 2000
It's great to see the Dean of Knife Dealers on the board! I'm one of the many here who has bought knives from you and was pretty much introduced to the concept of fine knives through your catalog. In fact I can remember looking through the catalog as recently as last year thinking "Gee, $200 for a knife???" LOL over that one!

Peter Atwood

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Few people have had the positive influence on the entire knife industry as A.G.
My dad got me started in knife collecting. A.G. and the way he does business took things to a much higher and enjoyable level for my father and myself. I still use some of the knives I purchased from him long ago.

Welcome Mr. Russell!

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Indeed it is great to meet A.G. here, as I don't live in Fayetteville anymore
. Jeez..., I really miss you guys. You probably don't remember me (hey, I was your pickiest customer), but I miss the days when I could just come to your store twice a week. Welcome and say hi to Allison, she's the best.

It's got to be me, but where do you see AG Russell?

When I first discovered there were others that were in love with knives, ('98) one of the first catalogs I sent for was from AG Russell. When I got a computer the first website I went to and saved it was AGR. When friends show an interest in knives I point them to BFC and get an AGR catalog in their hands. There is something so special about this man and his company that it's hard to describe, but to me they mean the height of good taste and quality in knives. I know if it's in one of their catalogs I need to take a look and that I'll never be unhappy with a purchase. Sure, there's lots of companies that will sell you any knife you want, but I'm convinced if you just stuck with AGR you would have a better collection, do a lot less swaping and save money in the long run.

For me AG Russell is the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval"

"Will work 4 Knives!"
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Wow, y'all really do know how to make a fella feel welcome! I've been learning my manners on "The other Forum" I have a couple of places over there and may soon have here as well. Thanks for the fine welcome. A. G.

PhilL, AG replied to fountainman's topic "Ripped off and ripping mad".

I asked myself the same question and did a search on poster name.

I had kind of hoped AG was going to start a forum here.
Thanks Jeff, I see him now.
Welcome A.G.!

I do visit your Forums at "the Other Place" although I haven't posted there. This is "The Place" and you are "The Man" we need you here.

Of the thousands of questions I could ask you, what I'd really like to know is, "What does A.G. stand for?"
Hi A.G., it's great to have you with us. IMO it would really be nice if you had your own forum here. I noticed, on the other forum, that you were starting a new online knife magazine. Even posted something here about it, so that bladeforum members would check it out. your knowledge of the knife industry will be a wonderful addition to the forums. Welcome aboard.

Don't do it A.G.!!!! Goldie might find out!!

I've been buying knives from A.G. for many years now, and I visit his shop in Springdale at least twice a month, and have done so for years. A.G. has helped me personally on many occasions. He sent me out to see Bob Dozier when I needed to get a knife sandblasted, and he recommended that I check out Newt Livesay's knives, which I did, thankfully
. BTW congratulations A.G. on finding the excellent help you have behind the counter in your showroom. The friendliest, most helpful lady I know works there!
A.G. Russell?? WOW!!! The Knife World kicks butt! Where else can you talk to the key people who design, make, sell and/or propell a product forward like this??

Welcome A.G., and I have lots of questions! I'm sure you have all of the answers.

P.S., Lorena Bobbitski is actally quite shy and timid, and her little wings and fangs usually don't sprout until well after it gets dark (Ask Vampire Gerbil; he knows what I am talking about!)

Bye for now..

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Welcome, Mr. Russell!

Thanks for being here.

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hiya ag!
i was wondering when you would make it here.i been to the showrrom more times than i can count,and bought several knives.
i have to second,third,and fourth the comment about the helpful lady (allison) behind the counter.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by PhilL:

Of the thousands of questions I could ask you, what I'd really like to know is, "What does A.G. stand for?"[/B]</font>

Phil: My great, great, greatgrandaddy admired the way Andy Jackson kicked butt south of N.O. and named his son Andrew Jackson Russell, then his son Thomas named my grandfather Andrew Garrett Russell, he repeated and so did my dad. I think that A. G. is easier for people to deal with than Andrew Garrett Russell III. I am really comfortable with A. G. Please keep it that way.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by A. G. Russell:
I am really comfortable with A. G. Please keep it that way.</font>

A.G. works for me. Thanks for answering I was just curious.

I sure hope you stick around here.
Glad to see ya' around. Two of my favorite knives came directly from the shop in Springdale. A.G. Russell exclusive designs. Hope to visit the shop again soon!

Daniel D.