Welcome Back, Uncle Bill

Oct 12, 1999
This is supposed to be your first day back on the job, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to say that you were sorely missed -- but I'm sure you already knew that. Not that Rusty didn't do a great job, it's just that he wasn't in a position to relieve our HIKV. I hope you're well rested and feeling fit because, as Rusty said in another thread, the "sharks" are waiting!
Welcome back from me too. I have to agree with Steven. The efforts of Birgorkha have spoiled me - some new shipment arrives practically every week. Now I expect it.

In one way it's fitting that Dasein coming when it does leaves us "deprived" the week of Thanksgiving - a "khukuri fast" if you will. Probably improves our character for all that and such. And it gives you a break, too. Hope your week off was fruitful to you and a blessing.

Now put your rear in gear and GET MOVING!

Besides which there is only one Uncle Bill. He has defined the spirit of the Forum and it's direction. Two of you would be too many, but we do need ONE of you. At least til we find something better.

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