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Welcome Bradshaw Blades!!!!!

May 31, 2011
Woot, let me be the first to say congrats. I love the look, and styling of your knives.
Congratulations on the new forum!

The knives are clean with a defined style and always unique.

So who's going to start off the picture thread?:D
Don't know where to post feedback just got in 2 knife hunter set PERFECT awesome knives thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark Kolarik
I've got two from Bradshaw; the Harpoon hunter is an early example of his and the little edc blade is one I had him custom make for me only a couple of weeks ago. Love this guys work, and he is great to deal with.

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I have a knife coming in natural burlap micarta and I can not wait! Does that one have liners? Any more pics?