Welcome Dex!

Oct 3, 1998
Let me be the first to welcome you here. It is absolutely great to see you here. I was extremely appreciative of how you moderated a review forum elsewhere which engendered a great exchange of information for all participants. Un doubtedly the bar is being raised here and I've no doubts you'll clear it with ease!

Hello Bob!

Well, I'm just looking around my new "home" here - looks to be the best site yet for knife discussions. Great to see you here and thanks for your kind words. I'm now all set up and ready for business at hand

Hiya Dex..
Nice to see ya here. Will have a review for ya soon
Good to see ya here Dexter, lets all enjoy it.


Well I just finished setting all the variables here and now I would like to say WELCOME ABOARD DEX!

I hope you enjoy your stay here and if there is anything I can do please feel free to ask.

You may want to post any reviews you have already done so you do not have to repeat yourself and you can fill up your forum pretty quick!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

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Egg on my face
I will now turn on HTML coding so the above post looks right.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

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Thanks Mike. I'm pretty sure I have some reviews I can post somewhere on this hard drive! I'll see if I can dig 'em up and post them.
I am looking forward to learning more about knives from the many knowledgeable folks on this new forum. Without the forums, I would really be in the dark about knives, rather than now being in the shadows! Review on ladies and gentlemen-teach those of us new to knives.

Thank you, Daniel
Hi all, I really think this forum is a great idea. I'd like to post first impressions and mini reviews of products as they come into my shop. I won't link out or even mention any urls so that it is not commercial in any way, but just want to add to the general pool of knife knowledge. Lots of times I can grab a model of somehting under discussion and expound on it.
Howard Korn
HOWIE, MY BUDDY!! Great to see you here
Thanks for posting. Looking forward to reading your first impressions and mini reviews - we would love to have any and all of them! Thanks again for posting and becoming a member of the growing BladeForums.com family.
Hi Howard glad your here. Your link will be on the section I am building right now. I have no problem with any dealer posting a link at the bottom of there message as long as they are contributing to the thread and not just hoping in to say "I got it and I will beat any other dealer by XX%"

I want all to feel welcome here and an ocasional plug of your business when you are helping out in here is OK in my book.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
Honestly, Mike, I'd rather not. I spend a lot of time writing copy on the site and the "selling" gets overwhelming-business is good so I just want to add my opinion of products to folks who don't get the benefit of playing with these goodies. I might give a URL of a page with a picture on it -just so someone can see something, but that's it. I don't want to fight with other dealers about who can make the least amount of profit. I will link to the forum, tho, from the KnifeCenter