Welcome - ORCA question

Nov 17, 1999
Welcome to the Forums guys. I have a question concerning the Boker ORCA with particular interest in the Steel and handles.

I was wondering if you could share with us some details (withought giving away any secrets) of your X15 T.N stainless steel blade. Such as;

- What is the Carbon Content?

- What is the Rc hardness?

- Some details about the Coating (and application process)?

- How is the edge holding & impact strength of of X15T.N (compared to ATS-34, 154-CM or S30V).

- Is the handle material polished (is it Slippery)?

- Does the knife "Click" into the sheath when inserted?

And finally, do you offer Free re-sharpening or refinishing of your knives?

THANKS much.

Look forward to learning more about your products.
Thanks for your interest,I'll try to answer your questions,but I'm at home right now,and all my tech sheets are at work.
So the technical stuff will have to wait til Monday,cool?
Alot of the info about the X-15 is still protected.
The handles are textured,so slippage is minimal.
The sheath is equipped with a safety button that clicks and secures the knife.The button is designed to breakaway under pressure,to grant emergency access to the knife.
As far as re-sharpening,not at this time.I am a one man shop,and the Repair Dept takes quite a bit of time.Refurbishing and cleaning are offered either free under certain conditions,or for a small fee,usually around $15.00.
I will do my best to answer the questions on the steel on Monday.
Sorry,one question I can answer right now is,the strength and edge holding is comparable to the 154-CM.
Cool,I'll have to take a look at that.
I know it is a good steel,and is being used on more of our knives.
Thanks for the info,as I haven't been reading here as much.