Mar 26, 2009
Welcome to the J W Bensinger Bladesmith subforum. I'm Jim, and I'm the guy that makes the knives. I've been making knives since I was a kid-1979 or so-and have been at it pretty much full time since 2005.
I will be posting works in progress, stuff for sale now and then, and general musings on knife use, geometry and design, and the occasional digression.
Thanks for checking it out!image.jpg
Congratulations on your own subforum. I guess now I'll have to follow two subforums and not just one.
Way to go, J!

glad you got a forum man, now I can be your biggest fan from here !!!!

JW you are going places man( mainly to my bank to empty all my meagre accounts)
Definately going to be my second home here in the Forums. I can't wait to see the new works. Hopefully I will be able to acquire more examples of your talent. Considering how much I love my current example of your work.
Hi Jim, nice to see you around these parts. Congrats on the new subforum!.