• Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all of you! Thanks for your continued support and I hope that your holiday season is a blessed one.


Welcome! I am looking forward to trying out your service on some of my knives. My Tigress will be the first guinea pig :D:thumbup:
I am not certain what this sub-forum is all about, but I own a WEPS and if it has to do with the Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener, I hope to learn from the other forum members.
I am a collector of knives rather than a user since my physical health at 75 has put the brakes on spending time in the forests as I once could. But I love knives and I am teaching my 8 year old grandson as much about them and bush-craft as I can in my backyard. He now can start a fire with a fire-steel and tinder. He makes his own fuzz-sticks and can baton small wood with his Bark River Gunny. Soon it will be outside for the beginning of the use of a compass...presently he is learning the compass rose by heart.
My collection will later go to my son who is an avid hunter and woodsman living in British Columbia, where he works in one of Vancouver's better gun and tackle stores. He can make good use of these wonderful blades as befits their excellence.
Sorry, a wordy introduction. Looking forward to this forum.

Regards :D
Thanks everybody! Glad to be here. I have been too busy to work on my own forum! Thanks to bladeforums.com for help in getting it up and running.

My goal is to put some great stickies up about Cerakote, Wicked Edge and some other products I have in the pipeline.
Hmmm! :eek: I may have wandered into a wrong forum as I am not a knife maker...but I am a knife collector and if you checked the posts you will see I am a big adherent of the Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener, so I will stick around if nobody objects. I look forward to seeing things unfold.

Best to you Scott :thumbup:
You dont have to be maker to like the Wicked Edge system. If you own one knife and like it to be sharp then you are welcome here!
I not only like the Wicked Edge but have owned a generation II model for awhile and have put it to good use with my collection which now numbers 15 knives, not to mention sharpening any of the neighbors knives too. I have all the available strops and hones available so far...just waiting to see how the fancy Japanese stones work out on the WEPS. Should be interesting.
If you're interested, I did a review of the WE over in the Knife Forum and unbeknown to me right in a group of the most avid Edge Pro guys. What ensued was exciting with monitors jumping in and removing posts and them just short of telling me to grow up and get real. They tried to back me down but I soldiered on despite the odds. Eventually Clay jumped in too after I e-mailed him and we managed to turn them around so they stopped snickering at the WEPS and allowed that it might be a good sharpener after all. Makes a good read. Look for it in the Keeping Sharp Forum. The upshot of it all was that they decided to work in harmony with Clay to develop some hones with Chosera and Shapton stones attached for the WEPS. It was invigorating to say the least. We/they all learned a lot. In the end it was a good thing for all.
All's well that ends well!