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Well an awesome deal just got a whole lot better! Thanks Rob, Darrel & Will!

Oct 2, 1998
If you look up, you will see our announcement on the 2 hot new knives from Camillus in 154CM.

Will Fennell called me today and he had a great idea. He ran it by Rob and Darrel and both agreed to Will's idea.

What's the idea?

Well how about have a contest tied in with the 154CM version knives we now have in our announcement section.

Order now and you can win a custom handmade version of each knife from the makers themselves!

*If you place your order before Saturday March 31st, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for a custom version of the knife you ordered.If you have already ordered don;t worry, you are in

Example: If you order a EDC you will be entered into a drawing for a custom version of the EDC made by Darrel Ralph himself. Each order will count as 1 entry. Order 2 knives and you are entered twice, once for each knife and of the type you ordered. The final design of the knives and materials will be up to each maker. Good luck and enjoy!

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Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
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Thanks to Mike and Will for making the 154Cm model a reality.

For the winner of the Custom EDC I will offer
one of my new slotted versions of the edc.
The blade style will be the drop point style with a 154cm blade.
The slots go through the handles as they do on the factory version. I have waited until the shot show to intro this model EDC slotted frame.

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Web Site At www.darrelralph.com

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I put in an order for these to help support this place. Just 'cause, like I have done in the past. (List too long to post but some great knives)

The people here just keep getting better and better.

My thanks to Rob, Darrel, & Will and Mike, Spark and everyone at BFC.


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DR: It was good to meet you at the SHOT show. I am so pleased that your beautiful design is being produced in 154cm. That's why I ordered one.
Sweet! I love Bladeforums...thanks for this opportunity.

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Darrel and Rob have got to be two of the greatest guys I have ever had the pleasure to work with! They both jumped right on this idea without a moments hesitation. Guys like this make this job REALLY fun!

That Mike Turber guy is OK too.....

Long Live BladeForums!

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery
That's why I love BF: great people coming together for a common cause, our love of knives.
Being a proud member of Bladeforums, i am honored to be included in this! Thanks Mike, Spark, Will, Camillus and all the members for helping make this happen! I am honored and proud to be a member of this sharp community.

I am thinking on my version of maybe doing a double arrowhead filework on the spine, perhaps a 2 tone finish, blade bevels satin hand rubbed, with bead blasted flats. Some kind of nice exotic handle, any ideas?

I must say these 154-CM knives are going to be great, especially with the fine heat treat that Camillus uses. They are on top of things and Phil Gibbs makes a big difference in the Camillus crew!

Good Luck everyone!

I was just happy to get a Talon in 154CM (ya already got my order). The contest idea is just icing on the cake.

Things like this show you that BladeForums is more than just another forum on the internet. There really is a great community of people here.


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Just thought I would let everyone know, Darrel and Rob will be doing these knives in ADVANCE of the drawings, so you won't have to wait on them. We'll put pics of the knives up as soon as they come in from these talented makers!

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery
Hmmmmmm CHOC-O-LATE!!!! I want one! Two!

Nice one Mike!


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