well here are those pics...

Aug 26, 2006
when i mentioned the lean to i made a while ago, someone asked for pics. i can't find the thread, so i am just going to put them here.

this lean to is large enough to shelter me, but i might stick out the side a little bit. i am about 5 foot 9 with my boots on, just for reference. i would most likely be fine if i were to lay down diagonally. it is made with some kind of spruce, i don't know which. it took about an hour and a half total, over two days. it came out pretty well, and it will be pretty much invisible in the summer.

i was saying in teh original post how this kind of shelter would not be worth it for one night, but it would produce the greatest returns for the effort if you were going to use it for a longer period of time, at least a couple of days. for really long term, i would most likely put sides on it, and mostly enclose the front.

here are the pics, shown with a warm wool blanket and my shoulder bag.

the woods i am in:

the shelter upon arrival today:

from the back:

the shelter with the blanket unpacked:

another one of the blanket unpacked, also shows the inside:

it is actually pretty simple, and would go together alot faster if i did not have to go around looking for good limbs and cutting them down. for instance, if i had used the frame with a poncho or tarp, it could have gone together in fifteen minutes, including chopping down a small sapling for one of the supports.

just wanted to share, i hope the guy that requested the pics finds this. any comments are welcome.
hey, I have to ask. Where did you get your pack, And it looks like It goes over one shoulder. I've been looking for one a little bigger than the one I have ( i made mine ) and yours looks like the size I've been looking for.
Nice job. I found a fallen conifer near me and am planning to build a shelter next week when i have a day off ill post pics.

Is that a marlboro blanket
Don't get discouraged anything I say, I'm not as eloquent as Codger and you have a great start. If it were me I'd try to find a downed tree that might lend a stronger support and build off that. In the pic titled 'from the back' there seems to be a good canidate. Looks to me like Hemlock in your area and much more cover would be needed to keep you dry. The TONS of leaf litter available would be my choice to thicken up the top and make a bed. You have a great start and a great wood to play in, don't stop. I have always wanted a place that I could make a "village" of different lodges. If all else fails head for the tin shed in the background:thumbup: :D
I think Mewolf said that just fine.
I agree about the leaf litter, great for insulation from the ground, as well as overhead.

I have two suggestions to improve the already nice lean to you have made.

1. For one of the legs/uprights, use an actual live tree, gives great sturdiness. I see two or three to the left, in the middle pic. Don't need to be huge, in fact about 4 to 6 inch diamter is fine.

2. Since there is an evergreen close by, build the lean to under the live evergreen, which would give a little more shelter from rain and such.

Good job! nice pics, thanks for showing!
i just want to give you my .02. the top/sides of the shelter should be about 12-24"thick.to keep out snow,rain,cold.i would use the fallen tree in front of you. the top of the live tree will keep the snow/rain off. and if i had a tarp all you have to do is throw it over the fallen tree. peg or weight it down. then gather about 6-12" of leafs for your bed.if using wood i would gather dead limbs and just stack them along the length of the fallen tree in a A shape. get a lot so that you can get them close together. then add your bedding. then put on your 12-24" on top and on the sides. i like your wool blanket.this is what i would do.it doesnt mean that this is right for every one.keep running the woods.
thanks for the comments. the bag is from gap from a few years ago. it does go over one shoulder (i like this style of bag alot) it seems to me to alot like some sorts of shoulder map cases that can be found at army surplus places. also, some people use civil war reenactment bread bags and such.

the blanket is marlbro. i stole it from the closet. it is usually used as a picnic balnket.

the reason i put the lean to there is because taht is a spot taht i had already picked outand used, and it had a little place for my to set my alcohol stove so taht the pot did not need a stand. i agree that it would be easier to set up the shelter under the fallen tree, but i worry a little about that tree and how well it is attached to the stump. i built the shelter with the open side facing that large standing tree to help block the wind.

the main reason that i built the shelter was just to have fun, and to protect taht spot from snow so that i could still go and brew a cup of tea in my spot even with snow all around.
i don't know yet. it is decemer 29 and we still don't have snow...and i haven't had the chance to get out there when it was raining.
A drop of rain hits a needle (or branch or leaf). Driven by gravity, it runs down the needle until is comes to the end and falls. Hopefully, it hits another needle (or branch or leaf).

As long as this process continues until the drop finally falls outside the area being protected, SUCCESS!! :)

Thicker is better. Improves the odds.

Snow is easier.