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Well, I did it...

Old Knife Guy

Sep 19, 2000
I just dropped an E-mail to Darrel Ralph outlining the costruction requirements I placed in 'fountainman's' thread on fantasy knives. I asked for price and availability. My 'place in line' for the Emerson CQC-7 is now up for sale--just tell me the procedure and who you wish to use as a broker. After banging my head into a wall for a week, it finally dawned on me that I wouldn't take this abuse from a guy who came to snake out my drains, why should I take it here? PLEASE, ask yourself the question, "If I buy OKG's place, will I see the knife?"--OKG
Old Knife Guy,
IMNSHO, you made a wise choice. My first, and so far only custom is one of Darrel's. Darrel is good people, his being a great maker is an added bonus. You WILL enjoy doing business with him.
Good for you, OKG. I, for one TOTALLY respect your decision.

"A Szívemben A Vas Es Az Acél Orök Ereje Van."

Crushing the weak since 1970 .... the Demon has spoken.
To Metal Demon, thanks man. It was hard. And I had to my soul searching publicly. Knives are important to the forum guys, and I knew I was going to touch a nerve.

To Chang: You want to spend your WHOLE allowance on a real knife! Now, you understand, it's only the BOX that is cardboard, don't you? (Hey, Chang, where you been man?)--OKG
Up until your recent problem with Emerson, I didn't realize situations like this even existed OKG! Hopefully this isn't a common occurance ...... or is it?

It leads me to wonder if I'll EVER decide to purchase a custom-made blade. Regardless of that, best of luck with your Darrel Ralph blade OKG! Perhaps it will make you forget what you had to put up with trying to get your Emerson.
Well ....... one can only hope that will be the case!

BTW: Where's my Hallmark card?????

"A Szívemben A Vas Es Az Acél Orök Ereje Van."

Crushing the weak since 1970 .... the Demon has spoken.
M-D, Emerson is a special case. This is not the normal way things are done. He, and his customers, have become victims of his own success.

You WILL have a custom knife in your future. There is No doubt in my mind (even if you have to make it yourself). If you start looking at places like KnifeArt, Robertson Custom Cutlery, Arizona Custom Knives, Bladegallery, and Nordic Knives, you can have one Soon. And you will get exactly want you want when you want it. Almost instant gratification is possible in the custom knife world. Thats what shows and the internet are for.

If you are placing an order for something special directly with the knifemaker, you should be aware of his estimated delivery time. Never pay a substantial deposit unless you have a really good relationship and trust with the maker and are asking for something quite different from his normal work. Most good makers do not want deposits and will contact you when the knife is ready to be made. Then you either pay, or it will go to someone else.


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OKG, great choice!
I've sent several emails to Darrel, usually in the wee hours, and he responds first thing in the morning. Also talked to him on the phone a couple of times, and he is very easy to talk to, straightforward, and humorous. Seems to actually be interested in what I want. Don't think I could have chosen a better maker.
Really looking forward to my Apogee

This is my first custom, too.

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cool now you can get something a little more up to date

Honey !!! were the hell is my Knife ??????