Well,i got my Cooper....

Jul 14, 2000
and i love it!
i won this knife in a raffle held by Mike Cooper on Christmas day.
This is a great knife.440c stainless blade,desert ironwod burl handles,etc.
and the sheath is...TOUGH.it is thick and solid.handstiched and tooledholds its form after the knife is drawn (as any good sheath is supposed to do.
i love this knife!thanks mike!

mike goes by the name L6STEEL on the forums.
If you want his e-mail or snail mail addy,drop me a line.
Mo', enjoy your knife! I'm glad you won it (not). You deserve it (not).

Jealousy mode off, you goit yourself a great knife! We want field reports! How well does it cut? How many PBJ sandwiches can you prefare before the edge needs a touch-up? Let us know!


P.S., Mike Cooper (L6STEEL) is super nice, even more generous and very knowledgeable. A great guy to talk to! In fact, I'm gonna go check chat right now...

"Come What May..."
See Maury, I told ya you would like it. Mike makes some pretty fine knives for sure. His sheath work is second to none, very sturdy and good looking stuff. Enjoy it MO.

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New photos added!!!
I just chopped thru a pine 1x6 (man,are my arms tired!) then i grabbed a piece of printer paper,it slid right thru it.so i tried to shave some arm hairs (i have a lot of bald spots on my arms) and it STILL shaves.i really love this knife!
Be nice to that knife, MO!!!

Mike did you a HUGE favor, so I'd be treating that knife like it was your girlfriend!!!
code 3- the knife was begging for it,and after i was done it thanked me and asked for more.
off to buy more lumber
I'm happy you like the knife and sheath Rob!!! Ya wood choppin bastid!!!

Take care!! Michael

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