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Well, it ain't know Busse, but this is the only forum I care about..

Looks like it would come in real handy the next time you're attacked by a shark while diving.:rolleyes:

That's about it.
WASP injection around here is when a fine Eye-talian girl meets a boy at the Congregational Church.
Thats a diff kind a knife if I ever seen one. If you dive and you think you need it....have at it. I dont know what the heck it would do if you stabbed a boar or anything else with it on land. Thats just a diff sort of knife.
As A Diver I Prefer .223 Powerhead Attached To End Of A 6ft Seahornet Speargun.its Not The Bullet That Kills Its The Gases..223 Will Blow A Hole Thru A 2 " Lead Bar - No Problem
I think this should've been used in Casino Royale... It is a Bond gadget at heart
Sorry for that post, I had a few in me and found that contraption rather amusing.

That, and, well... this:

Bangstick, every time. You need the reach.

And a bigger knife -- but not for fending off sharks. That's just aesthetics.
It came up on another forum and we thought it would be better with hydrogen gas and some kind of igniter on the tip.