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Well it finally happened, but I didn't expect it so soon!!!


HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate
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Oct 2, 1998
What happened you asked?

WE HIT 500 MEMBERS!!! And in less than a month to boot!

Thank you guys for not only making us the best forums site out there, but the fastest growing one as well. Like I said before, it's your quality information, good ideas, and sound advice that make this site such a success.

Thanks again,
We are also averaging 22,500 hits per day. So guess what dealers. When we start our banner ads you will get more bang for your buck here than ANYWHERE else and this is just the beggining. After the first of the year I predict 100,000 hits per day. Also this is the most active site at Leading Network solutions where our site is hosted.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

It is beautiful, but does this mean you will become a commercial site? I wondered already with Mr. Turber being a knife distributor if he would not cause prejudice toward certain manufacturers/dealers, or he would implement suppresion/damage control for unhappy comments about these. It is not a commercial site now but it is not an unselfish gift to the community, eh? I like the site, though I mostly lurk, no new fun toys for me to talk about.

I am confused by all the talk of not commercialism, however, it does not seem to apply nor be necessary for a good discussion group.

Many congratulations on your success,
C. Goat
No surpression here. Say what you want about any maker of manufacuter but NO PERSONAL ATTACKS!

I am a man of my word. Test me if you like. This place is a testament to the first amendment.

True, I own World Of Weapons, but I have no hidden agenda as I can not sell to anyone in here. So post away and most importantly have fun. This site is meant to have a relaxed atmosphere for a reason.

Also we will have knife tests and anyone can watch us perform them. I really don't care who wins and I will post the actuall results.

This is a gift but I will soon offer banner ads and except donations as this site is a costly one but there will be no preferential treatment for anyone.

All are welcome! I have not banned anyone. Heck even Walt Welch is in here and that speaks for itself!

This will soon be a completely unbiased online magazine for all to read. Even writters for the knife rags are in here helping out. So sit back and enjoy as this will be a fun ride for all.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator

I think I can safely answer that, Charvie.

This site will never ever charge the users. Any moneys made off this site will be put back into improving the site, maintenance costs, giving away more knives, doing more for the members, etc.

Unlike previous boards, since we do not sell knives retail, we have no interest in pushing one brand over another. We don't need to discourage competition, because we aren't competing for customer dollars.

While being non commercial isn't a requirement for having a successful site, it does allow us more leeway because we aren't obligated to push product lines or philosophies.

Because of this, the better a job we can do for the knife community, the more knife interest we generate, which turns into more success for the industry as a whole. We are looking at this in terms of the long view, sacrificing a relative pittance to help everyone get ahead, rather than trying to make a quick buck right now, and hurting others in the process.

Anyhow, in regards to your other comments, if the site is run right to begin with, then there is a minimum of "damage control" that actually has to be performed, period. We prefer for people to make their own decisions about things, and won't shove our opinions down their throats.

Me, personally, I like letting someone's actions speak for themselves. We've created a pretty relaxed atmosphere here, and the members of the forums have not only shown themselves to be self policing, but more than willing to help out each other. The moderators all know what we are doing, and they help out immeasurably.

In the end though, it all falls back to the members. I've said it since the first time I got into the forums scene: you can have the best software in the world, and the best moderators, but in the end it's the people who frequent them, asking the questions, making the posts, and lending their knowledge that make the site a success.

And I'm happy that I have the opportunity to do my part in making it a good place for them.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
SysOp and Administrator for BladeForums.com

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Kevin, Mike - lemme offer you tardy, public congrats for bringing this project so far so soon.