Well It's done

May 27, 2001
After having read most of the posts here I've become somewhat brainwashed. I got my first Seb today. For some reason I am unable to post a pic. It is a kinda freehand design with a star sapphire insert.
It is indeed an outstanding knife.I'll carry it daily when I get my
custom canted crossdraw sheath from Gary. I fly alot so it is the perfect size. I am delighted. I will no doubt buy another.
Hmmmmmm, why is it we all refer to them as our FIRST? How many other knives can lay a claim like that?

Yep Jeff has a very lovely knife! Beautiful is one adjective that springs to mind!

Workin' on that sheath tonight Jeff...keep that baby warm up there in Colorado!


Right on the money Paul, First...I know the feeling!!!
There are plenty of things of great signifigance that are firsts for me:

1. My 1st car......A beat up '68 GTO Ragtop (Hey, it's a GOAT, what can I say).

2. My 1st, ahem, (you can figure it out)....In back of said GTO.

3. My 1st (and only) wife........who else did you think was in the GTO. ;)

4. My very 1st and only kid (so far)......Sophia Grace. (Not due to the GTO btw, many, many years later).

5. My 1st Sebenza.

So, you see, the Sebenza ranks right up there!
I can't help but keep it warm Gary, I've been sleeping with the bloody thing.Actually, I haven't been carrying it. I'm afraid I may loss it
without a sheath. It will however, when properly attired,
be carried and used daily. I REALLY LIKE THIS KNIFE! Can't wait to show it and Garys' sheath off.
It was kinda funny, I know a fellow who sells knives at the locale flea market. I told him I bought a new knife and handed it to him. He said what is it? I responded ,a Chris Reeve Sabenza. Upon which he said
OH! and gently handed it back to me, as if it was a living thing.:D