Well, wow...

Aug 24, 1999
Headed up to Arkansas last Friday...wanted to go and talk with A.G. Russell...got to meet him and several of the folks from his company. It was great! Got a lot of really good, sound info from him about the knifemaking business, and he got me an opportunity to meet Bob Dozier, too!

Guys, if you ever get to looking at your shop, and thinking, "Dang, I got too much stuff in here," DON'T! Mr. Dozier's shop is crammed to the gills with more equipment than any place I've ever been in my life, save maybe onboard a submarine! Between the grinders he's made, the tools he's rebuilt, and the parts for stuff he's building, I'm amazed that he has space for all of those excellent knives!

The only thing that surpasses the amount of stuff in that shop is the amount of experience, talent, and dedication that Bob and his stepson Daniel bring into it. I am still correlating some of the stuff that I saw, but couldn't immediately understand...so much to see, to learn.

"...Want Dozier grinder...mmmmmmmm...good machine...aaaahhhhhh..."

All in all, it was well worth the 12+ hours on the road, getting there and back! I'd do it again in a heartbeat...and I will, probably next year. I'll have to go back and get my next set of pointers from Bob and Daniel, and drop in again to browse at the Russell's showroom! I fear that I will once again do irrepairable harm to my financial state. Oh, well...can't be helped!

A huge, "Thank you!" to Mr. Russell, and to Bob and Daniel! I really appreciate everything, and especially that you took time out of your busy days to help out a fledgling like myself!