Wenger Minathor

Jun 12, 1999
Forgive me if this question is mundane or innappropriate (it's my first post to this board) but I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a good deal on a Wenger Minathor (micro-toolchest) on the web. Does one particular site consistently have the best prices for Wenger that might be able to order it? E-mails or responses greatly appreciated. Thanks.
John, check out Discount Knives of the Internet. I'm not totaly familiar with what you are looking for but they do have a Wenger Pocket Tool Chest and a Tool Chest Plus. Discounts prices are pretty good and I've had about a dozen orders from them with no problems. They are at the following site: http://www.discountknives.com /

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The <a href="http://www.tool-shop.com/knives/wenger/mini.html">Toolshop</a> has the Minathor. I don't know how their prices compare but their service is excellent and they seem to carry a large inventory. Good people to do business with!

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