Wenger SAK's vs. other SAK's

Oct 2, 2000
I am interested in the differces between the Wenger Ranger SAK's & the large lock blade SAK's (i.e. Rucksack,ect...). Can anybody tell me if one is a better quality than the other? Has anybody done a test comparison?
This issue has been discussed several times on this forum. Go back and you´ll certainly find it. Good luck!

Can you direct me to those posts. I did a search and could not find anything directely dicussing this topic.


the reason you counldn't find anything is we just recently created a new archive try looking in Blade disscusion archive 3

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I will mention that a significant portion of Archive#3 (the most recent one) is only searchable through June. Spark does not know why this is happening, and can not fix it. So several months of posts can only be found by going to archive three, and scrolling though pages of threads. Search the first two archives if you don't find anything in #3.

Maybe someone will simply answer your question here in this thread

Victorinox seems to be the better built knife, IMO. Better fit and finish. More solid feel. And the Vic can opener is far better.