went to a gun show today

Jan 9, 1999
Went to a local gunshow today was pleasently surprised by the amount of cutlery that was there. One gentleman had a big display of bn Randall's, Ruana's,custom Elleshewitz, Neely,
Gilbreath,Emerson, etc etc. He also had a bunch of lower end junk too. His good stuff was indeed very good. He had an Elleshwitz that had ray skin in the handle. I was pretty surprised at how thick the knife was too. Talk about sharp and solid. The Randall's it seems alot of the dealers had but still neat handling them. Alot of older Randall's too. The Nealy knives were great and they had the 9 way sheaths(?). I think that is what they were. The Emerson's he had I wasn't that to impressed with. Lots of blade wobble. IT was the Raven line I think. Don't know if that is correct or not but it had the o.d. green scales. One knife I thought was outstanding though for 40 bucks.
The CRKT Kimodo Gold series folders. Talk about over made. They had 0 blade play and a big liner lock to boot. The grip is oversized and felt really good in the hand. The only thing I ended up buying was a pair of ebony checkerd grips for my CCO. Good deal on those too, they came from the Colt Custom Shop and have the Rampant colt in them. I handled a couple of hog milleniums and a couple of Lace Szabo knives too. The prices for the most part as one would expect were pretty high. Another dealer was selling a bunch of Livesay and BM, and spyderco stuff. I was going to splurge again and get a Lil'Pecker neck knife, about 10 bucks over retail but it was extremely sharp. Well started checking out the blade and it was pointing off to the right as if it was ground to much on one side and then heat treated. May still get it though. Just cause it is very sharp. The Nealy knives were really nicely done. He wanted 260 bucks for them so I don't know if that is a good price or what. These are the Pesh Kabz I believe. Those were awsome sharp too. Found an old dagger type kind of wide, in a homemade leather sheath that supposedly was made during WWII. This is one of those plexiglass handled knives. Can't believe it was from WWII though as the blade was mint. Seemed good and sharp too. Had like a T-shaped butt on the hanlde too. Matched the guard. The T was angled down on the ends. May just pick that up tomorrow as I thought just the blade would be worth it. Had an oversized handlaced sheath with it too. Where the guard and choil meant the fit was really excellant. Anyways will keep you guys posted as to what turns out. Watch yer top knots.