we're in the home stretch


Oct 3, 1998
folks we're coming down to the home stretch
the date for me to turn all funds in is
4\25\99. some of you good folks pleaded funds but never sent checks!!!!
let get them in for the kids

this message was written a few months ago

Greetings to all,
Every year my wife and I participate in a fundraiser called "RIDE FOR KIDS"; our fundraiser package came today so I thought that I would start with my newest friends on the web. I have seen your generosity first hand many times, so I thought this would be a good place to start.

Let me tell you about what it is and what you can do.

The pediatric Brain Tumor foundation of the U.S is a 501(c)-(3) non-profit charity, operates the national Ride for Kids Program.

Funds raised at Ride for Kids events support the mission of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the U. S. Including: the search for the cause and cure of childhood brain tumors, building a national family support program, and increasing public awareness of the disease.
The program is sponsored by Honda "Riders club of America"
We get together and ride to raise moneys for the kids. This is a national fundraiser covering 13 states through out the year. For the past three years my wife and I have been with out a motorcycle, yet still like to do this. In the past, we have borrowed friends bike's to do the ride but last year we just did the fundraiser and it was fun to. We all meet early one morning turn in all donations then ride off to some park and B.S. all day even without a bike I can do that. This year I can tell them about all the great new friends I've made here.
Therefore, what is in for me, nothing but a chance to see the kids again and I'll tell you something TALK ABOUT BRAVE these kids are incredible, they stare death in the face every day of their lives and don't blink an eye. We can all learn from them.

In closing, if you want you can send a donation of any amount your comfortable with to
Gregg Lane
7026 Pembrough Lane
Katy TX 77494.

Please make your checks out to
Pediatric brain Tumor Foundation of the united States or P.B.T.F.U.S.
I will send your receipt for your tax deduction back to you when I receive your contribution

Unless your the lead dog,The scenery never changes!!!
Gregg Lane
Peddler,of fine Goods

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